In June 2024, the organizers of São Paulo’s LGBT pride parade called for people to attend the event wearing green and yellow and holding Brazilian flags along with rainbow flags, reclaiming the national symbols they consider to have been “hijacked” by the right. As if Brazil hadn’t been, since its creation by European invaders, a colonial project violently imposed on the people who inhabit these lands. The Brazilian flag has always represented the powerful and the landowners, colonial, Christian, institutional, military and police violence.

While the spotlight is on the dispute between a neo-fascist right and a progressive, electoral left, there are still those who seek another path. Queer rebels don’t want to “re-signify” their symbols or elect progressive politicians. We reject the position of victims who demand protection from the state, and we come together to forge ways of living and fighting on our own. For us, queer is not another identity to be recognized and included alongside others by institutions, but a position of conflict that fights for the end of this social order.

Script: Revolta Anarkokuir e Antimídia.

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