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Enough Bolsonaro – A Call for 2O

By organizing innocuous demonstrations and criminalizing direct action, the electoral left shows that it has no interest in toppling Bolsonaro before the 2022 elections. Likewise the institutions will let Bolsonaro govern as long as he continues to please capital. It is obvious that the only way out of this crisis is our organization, from the...

Fight For Life

Thousands of indigenous people are camping in Brasilia awaiting the decision of the Federal Supreme Court on the thesis of the temporal milestone. This decision, together with the bills in Congress, will decide the future of indigenous peoples and lands.
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The Urgency of Ecological Crises – Peter Gelderloos

In this episode of Anarchist Voices, Peter Gelderloos talks about how he believes we can best face the environmental disaster and climate catastrophes that surround us.
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No Corruption Investigation, No Elections: Only Revolt Can Bar Genocide

Some people hope that the COVID investigation will bring Bolsonaro down. Others look forward to his defeat in the next election. But we cannot hope that the institutions, which have oppressed us for centuries, will be our salvation. Only our revolt and organization can truly set us free. Collaboration with Facção Fictícia. Download: 1080p –...

Iran: The Uprising of the Thirsty

On July 15th 2021, people took to the streets in the Iranian province of Khouzestan to protest against the lack of water due to government mismanagement. Since then, despite the Iranian state’s brutal repression, the uprising has spread all over the country. This was a collaboration with The Federation of Anarchism Era & subMedia. For...

Burning Churches and Tearing Down Statues

In many parts of the colonized territories, statues of slavers, rapists, colonizers, and murderers have been vandalized, torn down, or destroyed. Why take down these symbols? What do they represent? And what values are keeping them up?
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