On February 17, 2024, in Porto Alegre, Everton Henrique Goandete da Silva, a 40-year-old black man, was stabbed by Sérgio Camargo Kupstaitis, a 72-year-old white man. The Military Police were called and violently approached the victim, Everton, and then detained him, alleging resistance. While the police were busy arresting the victim, the attacker was calmly walking around the area. Everton was detained, stuffed into the back of the vehicle and the police also charged him with bodily injury for throwing stones at Sérgio after he had been stabbed.

Although this is a serious case, it is just one of thousands of examples of racism by police forces, whether military or civilian, in territories occupied by the Brazilian state. Racism and colonialism are intrinsic aspects of the state, and therefore the police, who exercise violence in its name, will always impose this racism and colonialism on the population, regardless of any reform.

If we want a more egalitarian world, the only solution is to abolish the police.

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