10 years after the Popular Uprising of 2013, the revolt could go to trial once again through the hearing of activists Fábio Raposo Barbosa and Caio Silva de Souza scheduled for December 12, 2023. Both will face a jury on charges of the death of cameraman Santiago Andrade, who was hit in the head by a firework in February 2014, while he was recording clashes between demonstrators and police, for TV Bandeirantes, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, near the Central Station.

The case was used at the time to stifle and criminalize the popular popular uprisings, pushing for a vote on the Anti-Terrorism Law. But the only logic in claiming that Caio and Fábio intended to kill someone with a firework is to criminalize militants and demonstrators. This becomes even more evident when we learn that Rede Bandeirantes did not hand over all the images captured by Santiago Andrade on the day of his death.

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